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Network Operations

Want to have real time visibility to your entire network inventory without over burdening your technicians?

Supply Chain

Need assurance you are ordering only what you need and receiving everything you ordered?

The Path to Asset Lifecycle Management Success

Positive ROI Benefits

Strong return on investment strengthens the support from all stakeholders and promotes acceptance of procedural and workflow changes that are necessary for good ALM. Optimization of spare and excess equipment is one of the most immediately apparent benefits along with the discovery of undocumented or stranded assets. These benefits are monetarily substantial for most carriers.

Internal Control of Assets

Controls for tracking and managing the movement of equipment throughout their lifecycle is particularly challenging within the telecom industry because the equipment is so "dynamic" (they tend to move frequently, or be replaced, upgraded, etc.). Electronic discovery along with a mobile solution to capture equipment transactions at the moment they occur can provide adequate internal controls in this environment, whether a carrier is subject to US our Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance or other regulatory rules.

Real Time Visibility of all Equipment

To see where all equipment is located, it's status, manage spare min/max and warranties, and purchase only what you need when you need it, you need a solution that is easy to use and provides easy reporting or queries. Knowing the "what, when, where, how, and who" associated with equipment transactions within CATS guarantees real-time visibility.


Extensive APIs for Integrations

The full power of a good ALM solution can only be realized when the information within the ALM database is integrated with other systems that rely on accurate equipment information. Integrating to an ERP system to then use our powerful Advanced Inventory & Requisitions engine ensures new POs only occur when necessary. Purchase Order, physical receiving and invoicing can then be matched accordingly. Capitalization is easier when equipment can be verified as being installed.

Eliminate Wasted Energy & Money

Telecom carriers frequently reorder equipment they already have sitting idle and could make use of if they had full visibility into all assets and parts. Eliminating the waste associated with this common problem is perhaps the single most prevalent area of ROI. There is also a lot of human energy lost when field technicians run around looking for a spare piece of equipment instead of knowing exactly where to find one. They can also save a lot of energy with information regarding what they will find at remote sites - such as all the equipment in service or spare and revision numbers so they know what is compatible during upgrade or what needs to be replaced.

Accessible Anywhere from the Cloud

Fulcrum's CATS Asset Lifecycle Management Software is easy to access whenever and wherever it is needed through the Cloud. No need to setup costly IT infrastructure or incur the costs associated with managing it. A Cloud solution allows for the quickest entry to start tracking and managing your network equipment.

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Mobile Solutions for Asset & Inventory Tracking

CATS Mobility Software by Fulcrum

Available on Google Play and the App Store

  • Quick, Easy and Accurate Data Collection
  • Real-time Processing in both Network and Batch Mode
  • Internal Controls for Management of Network Assets
  • Streamlined Efficiency through Automation

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