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XO’s Supply Chain Journey | ISEMAG

She knew this new trip also had unpredictable environments and unforeseeable twists and turns. As XO Communication’s Director of Sourcing and Logistics with years of Six Sigma experience, knowledge, and training, she was well-equipped to plot a course to adopt and integrate an ALM solution into the supply chain.


The CCA Voice (RCAB) - Fall/Winter 2019 CFOs in 2030: Rise of the Super Hero

By: Brent Bauer, CEO, Fulcrum Technologies

As the industry finishes the overall conversion to digital transformation, telecommunications CFOs are facing an unprecedented deluge of data with regard to critical assets and infrastructure having a direct impact on their CAPEX and OPEX margins.


Asset Lifecycle Management in a Perfect World - ISE Magazine - YouTube

Subarno brings a wealth of real-world experience in finance, supply chain, and telecom. Having implemented the asset management program at the world's third largest wireless carrier, Subarno leverages his expert knowledge to guide clients towards the best solutions for their unique needs.


ISE Magazine, February 2016

View the digital edition of ISE Magazine February 2016.


Asset Management | Pipeline Magazine | ICE Technology

By: Cosmin Stejerean When Yvonne Sabatini, Director of Sourcing and Logistics at XO Communications, was recognized for establishing a “Best in Class” Supply Chain at XO Communications, it came with one caveat; she needed Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), to close out that last mile and give her true visibility, insight, and control of her assets from end-to-end.


The Asset Lifecycle Management - YouTube

This video will discuss best practices for Asset Lifecycle Management, to give you visibility, insight, and control of your network assets, infrastructure, and supply chain from end-to-end.


Fulcrum's Partnership with Skytap

Read how Fulcrum delivers the best quality to our customers utilizing our cloud partner Skytap.


Perfecting Your Supply Chain with Asset Management

Fulcrum is featured in the October 2016 issue of Pipeline Magazine, focusing on XO's Asset Lifecycle Management implementation using CATS.

Why Asset Life Cycle Management is Critical

Read Fulcrum's argument for why Asset Lifecycle Management is critical for above ground infrastructure in the September 2016 issue of AGL Magazine.