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Asset Lifecycle Management

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Incorporates the full suite of CATS applications to provide all the functionality needed for comprehensive ALM best practices, including APIs for integration with other systems. Through the entire end-to-end processes of procurement, deployment, maintenance, reverse logistics, repair and resupply, disposition, and retirement of your network infrastructure - the full CATS suite is leveraged to optimize the benefits from your network asset management practice.

  • Integrate to Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft or any other enterprise system to synchronize back office applications with the reality of physical assets in the field

  • Plan minimum and maximum stocking levels and adjust based upon historical usage

  • Configure rules for sourcing equipment locally, regionally and nationally

  • Ensure requests for equipment are properly documented and approved

  • Make sure project equipment is reserved for its intended purpose

  • Verify external vendors are adhering to contracted service level agreements

  • Leverage excess and returned equipment that still has useful life - before purchasing new

  • Identify obsolete or irreparable equipment to retire or consign

  • Real time dashboard to warehouse receipts and shipments

  • Encourages standardization of ALM best practices across the enterprise

  • Includes all features of Asset Tracking shown below


Asset Tracking

Not every company can take on a full Asset Lifecycle Management enterprise-wide initiative. So we created a simpler solution to allow companies to start with the fundamentals and get up and running quickly. With Fulcrum’s Asset Tracking solution you quickly gain visibility into what you have and where it is located, as well as its history and other equipment attributes.

  • Track your network equipment history throughout its lifecycle by Location and/or Item

  • Manage the return of faulty equipment to a repair center and back or advanced replacement

  • Schedule and perform audits to ensure compliance and monitor performance

  • Fully mobilized real-time field data capture with pre-built routines

  • Out-of-the-box views of your data, and robust export and import capabilities

  • A full authentication and security model that doesn't require enterprise integration

Mobile Platform

Imagine capturing your data in real time on a mobile device? Our CATS Mobility application can work with any database...validating, viewing and transacting data in real time or off line. 

  • CATS Mobility available on iOS and Android platforms

  • Dedicated web application for managing users, configuring data collection routines, and data administration

  • APIs and services to distribute data to target databases and systems


Chain of Custody

A preconfigured low cost mobility solution providing you visibility of equipment in the hands of your vendors and third party contractors.

  • Quickly add new users and give them targeted access to only necessary routines and data 

  • Real-time field data capture with pre-built routines: Issue, Install, Uninstall, Return etc.

  • Simplified processes for new or inexperienced users, no training required

  • Out-of-the-box views of your data with robust export and import capabilities